Mr. Strickland's Chemistry     pi-sigma

Absence Policy

 The Chemistry curriculum is very demanding and fast paced.

  • The average unit is 5 blocks long meaning that within any 14 block window (a grading period) it is anticipated that students will have taken 7 or more quizzes and 2 tests.
  • Every day sees a new concept introduced, the formative mastery of which is assessed on completion of instruction of each concept.
  • With daily formative or summative assessments, any absence from class, for whatever reason, has a serious affect on the ability of students to master complex content.
  • Given the cumulative nature of chemistry concepts, absences can have a dramatic long term affect if students do not respond quickly to get caught up.
  • All quizzes and tests are scheduled.  Quizzes and tests appear as portions of the available lesson plans. There will be no pop quizzes.  It is the student's responsibility to make-up quizzes missed and be aware of quizzes and tests that will be given upon their return to instruction.


One Day Absence. – When a student is absent from class, there are certain actions that can be very important in not losing contact with course content. All of the lesson plans, activities, and notes are on the website.

  • Students who are absent should go to the web page immediately and access the notes and activities pertaining to the lesson for that day. All activities can be downloaded and detailed notes are available 24/7. Students will be responsible for completing all reading and other homework assignments listed in the lesson plan.
  • Students should plan to get assistance from their instructor to accomplish the learning tasks designed to assist with student mastery of the content. This should be done during tutorials and not attempted during the next class period.
  • Students will be expected to make up whatever quiz or test is scheduled for that day.  This will be true whether the absence is for illness, excused for appointments, UIL events and competitions, or any administrative reasons. In the case of tests, the unit material is completed two blocks prior to the summative assessment, and therefore there is no material on the Unit Test that is new from the prior block.
  • In-class assignments assigned the day of the absence will be due the block following their return to class.
  • The student who was absent is responsible for turning in any assignment that was due on the date of their absence immediately upon their return. Assignments not turned in at that time, regardless of whether requested by the instructor at that time, will be regarded as late work.


Two Day Absence. – The issue becomes increasingly serious with each day of instruction missed. While students with excused absences should still attempt to remain current, it is understood that this will be more difficult. In such cases:

  • The instructor will work out with the student a remedial plan to recover the lost instruction and may, at their discretion, delay assessments.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to attend tutorials to quickly recover this instruction.
  • Failure of the student to attend tutorials will result in students being responsible for further assessments on this material.


Extended Absences. – In the case of critical illness resulting in extended absence, it is recommended that parents and /or guardians assist in the formation of the plan to remediate the lost instruction. Email is the preferred method of alerting instructors to these problems at the earliest possible moment. Instructors will then contact parents to discuss the options available to assist the student to recover the lost instruction. Students facing such situations should attempt to remain current through use of the website.