Mr. Strickland's Chemistry     pi-sigma

General Policies


Class Rules

  1. Be Punctual – You are tardy if you are not in your seat when the bell rings. The school tardy policy will be strictly enforced.
  2. Be Polite – Respect is self-perpetuating. If you show others respect, you will gain respect for yourself.
  3. Be Prepared – You are expected to provide your own materials such as paper, pencil, highlighter, etc. Timely completion of laboratory, homework, and reading assignments is required.
  4. Be Involved –We expect your undivided attention in class. Outside materials, electronic devices, and headphones will not be tolerated.
  5. Be Safe –Lab safety rules are strictly enforced. No exceptions!


We hope misbehavior never becomes an issue but will use this guideline as necessary. Severe incidents will result in removal.

1st Offense:
Verbal Warning
You will be asked once to correct your behavior on your own.
2nd Offense:
Parental Notification
Upon teacher direction, you will call your parents in class if the problem continues. Additional consequences may be applied at this point.
3rd Offense:
Administrative assistance will follow persistent misbehavior.

Lab Consequences

You and your parents must sign a safety contract before you can work in the lab. This is a privilege and includes separate consequences.

1st Offense: Warning and penalty
2nd Offense: One lab suspension
3rd Offense: Suspension of privileges for three labs
4th Offense: Loss of lab privileges

Required Materials

You must bring the following to class every day.

  • Paper and pen/pencil. Blue or black ink only, please. Pencils are encouraged for easier correction.
  • Calculator. You will be performing math functions in class. A calculator will not be provided, and you will not be allowed to borrow one during quizzes and tests. It does not have to be a graphing calculator, but it should be one able to perform functions in scientific notation. A limited supply of calculators may be available in class.
  • Folder or 3-ring binder. You will need something in which to organize your notes and work. Something that allows you to separate notes from completed assignments would be ideal. It is also highly recommended to maintain some system for keeping track of daily obligations.

Forbidden Items/Actions

  • Use of headphones, cell phones, and other personal electronics in the classroom are only allowed consistent with the Bring Your Own Device policies established by your instructor.
  • Food, Candy, and Drinks other than Water are safety violations and are not allowed in the classroom or laboratory areas.
  • Use of Make-up and Cosmetics are not allowed as contamination may occur as a result of proximity to hazardous and dangerous chemicals.
  • Use of my phone during class will be very limited and allowed only with my permission.
  • Touching the thermostat is not allowed. The design of the heating and cooling systems supporting laboratory classrooms are such that wide variations of environmental conditions may result. It is suggested that students dress in layers to support their comfort.