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Regular Chemistry & Pre-AP Chemistry Grading Policy

 These rules apply to all assignments unless notified otherwise. You will be expected to be aware of and to comply with all rules.

  1. All assignments are to be ready before the bell rings. Turn everything into designated place. Anything handed in after collection is late.  VISA's will be turned in as students enter the classroom.
  2. There will be limited review time prior to quizzes and tests.  Teacher will answer as many of these questions as possible in the time allotted.  Quizzes and tests will be immediately following.
  3. Late daily assignments will receive a maximum grade of 70%. Additional penalties may be assessed.
  4. Lab and project grades will receive a penalty of 10 points per A/B cycle that the assignment is late. After the 3rd block of being late, a penalty of 50 points will be assessed. Keep in mind that these are worth three times daily grades. Additional lab penalties may be assessed for safety violations at your instructor's discretion.
  5. The last date that any late assignment will be accepted is the day of the test for that unit. No assignments will be accepted for previous units unless authorized in advance by the instructor. 
  6. It is your responsibility to keep up with your assignments if you are absent. All assignments are available from the website and daily assignments will be posted in the classroom.  Extra handouts will be available. However, it is up to you to verify what must be made up.
  7. Test days have been announced in your syllabus and follow a day of review and reteach. Absence the day before the test will not excuse you from the test on the date assigned unless arrangements are made prior to the testing period. Requests made during the testing period will not be approved. Please refer to the Absence Policy for a more complete description of this policy. School-related absences (e.g., field trips, UIL events, etc.) will not automatically delay testing under any circumstance. Additional information is available in the policy regarding absences.
  8. You will have 2 opportunities to make-up labs (1 before school and 1 after school). In some cases, virtual lab assignments will be assigned to replace missed labs. Failure to attend or complete virtual labs within 3 calendar days of assignment will result in a zero for the lab.
  9. The Semester Exams for both semesters will be made up of two parts. The District Curriculum Based Assessment will comprise 50% of the semester exam and 50% will be prepared on campus by the Chemistry Team.


Regular Chemistry Grade Breakdown

Tests & Projects 30%
Laboratory Assignments 25%
Daily Grades 20%
Quizzes 25%


Pre-AP Chemistry Grade Breakdown

Tests & Projects  30%
Laboratory Assignments  30%
Daily Grades  15%
Quizzes  25%


Timed Assessments

All tests and quizzes will have a maximum time allotted for their completion. As even test days are days for new content instruction, it is vital to ensure sufficient time for that instruction. The time allotted for each quiz or test will be at the discretion of the Chemistry Team. If for whatever reason, a student does not complete the test within the time provided, that student must complete the test before the next class meeting. The student may come to tutorials to complete the test or quiz or make other arrangements with the instructor within that window. If a student fails to complete the test prior to that next class meeting, the test will be considered complete and will be graded in that form. This does not impact the student's ability to re-take quizzes or tests to improve their grade.


Policy for Cheating and Suspected Cheating

Suspected Cheating - Any student suspected of cheating on quizzes or tests, as determined by the instructor, will have the opportunity to re-take the assessment for full credit based on the grade they receive on the re-take. If a student suspected of cheating refuses to take the re-take as required, the student will receive a grade of zero.

Cheating - Parents or guardians of any student who is guilty of cheating on quizzes or tests, as determined by the instructor and substantiated, will be contacted. A discipline referral will be prepared for that student. The Assistant Principal for that student will determine if this is a first offense or a repeat offense. If it is the first offense, the student will have the opportunity to re-take the assessment for 50% credit based on the grade they receive on the re-take. If the cheating is determined to be a repeat offense, the student will receive a grade of zero and the student may not retake the assessment.