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Medicinal Chemistry

The aim of this option is to give students an understanding of how medicines and drugs can influence the functioning of the body and impact the envirionment. Students should be able to recognize the fundamental structures and relevant functional groups of several classes of drugs and medicines (as listed in this option or in topic 10), and should be able to distinguish between them.  Throughout the option, the contribution that science has made (and continues to make) towards maintaining and improving the health and well-being of the world’s population will be stressed.


Core material:  D.1-D.6 are core material for SL and HL (15 hours).

Additional higher level material: D.7-D.9 are extension material for HL only (25 hours).


Core Topics:

D.1:  Pharmaceutical Products

D.2:  Aspirin and Penicillin

D.3:  Opiates

D.4:  pH Regulation of the Stomach

D.5:  Anti-viral Medications

D.6:  Environmental Impact of Some Medications


Additional Higher Level Topics

D.7:  Taxol-a Chiral Auxiliary Case Study

D.8:  Nuclear Medicine

D.9:  Drug Detection and Analysis