Mr. Strickland's Chemistry     pi-sigma

Unit 1.1: Matter 

Chemistry is the study of matter and the interaction of matter.  Matter is anything that has mass and occupies a volume.  This unit studies the classification of matter as pure substances and mixtures, the states of matter, and the physical and chemical properties and changes of matter.



C.4 The student knows the characteristics of matter and can analyze the relationships between chemical and physical changes and properties. The student is expected to:

    C.4A  differentiate between physical and chemical changes and properties

    C.4B   identify extensive and intensive properties

    C.4C   compare solids, liquids, and gases in terms of compressibility, structure, shape, and volume

    C.4D  classify matter as pure substances or mixtures through investigation of their properties



Aug 23-24 Block 1-1 Safety & Measurements
Aug 25-26 Block 1-2 States of Matter & Phase Change Diagrams (C.4C)
Aug 29-30 Block 1-3 Hierarchy of Matter (C.4D)
Aug 31 -Sept 1 Block 1-4 Physical & Chemical Properties & Density (C.4A)
Sept 2-6 Block 1-5 Physical & Chemical Changes (C.4A) & Extensive vs. Intensive Properties (C.4B)
Sept 7-8 Block 1-6 Methods of Separation lab (C.4A, C.4B)
Sept 9-12 Block 1-7 Unit 1 Review
Sept 13-14 Block 1-8 Unit 1 Test