Mr. Strickland's Chemistry     pi-sigma

Unit 1 - Matter

Dimensional Analysis Tutorial

Lab Safety

MSDS Structure

Phase Change Diagram

Scientific Notation Practice

Separating Mixtures Into Pure Substances

Significant Figures Part I

Significant Figures Part II

States of Matter


Unit 2 Part I - Atomic Theory & the Nucleus

Bohr Model of the Atom

Bohr-Einstein Debate

Chadwick's Discovery of the Neutron

Dalton's Law of Multiple Proportions

Dalton's View of Conservation of Mass

Einstein's Concerns about Uncertainty

History of Atomic Theory

Isotope vs. Ion Practice

Rutherford Experiment Animation

Rutherford Gold Foil Experiment Video

Rutherford's Gold Foil Experiment version 1

Thomson Cathode Ray Tube Experiment Video

Thomson Experiment Animation


Unit 2 Part II - Electron Configuration, EM Spectrum, & Planck's Law

Electron Configuration

EM Spectrum Part 1

EM Spectrum Part 2

EM Spectrum Part 3

Flame Test for an Unknown Element



Unit 3 - Periodic Table

Element Song: Tom Lehrer

Interactive Periodic Table of Elements

Periodic Trend - Atomic Radius

Periodic Trend - Electronegativity

Periodic Trend - Ionization Energy

Periodic Trend - Atomic & Ionic Radius


Unit 4 - Bonding

Bonding Models and Lewis Structures

Intermolecular Forces

Ionic & Covalent Bonding

Ionic Compound Naming Review

Molecular Geometry Overview

Naming Covalent (Molecular) Compounds

Naming Ionic Compounds

Polarity and Intermolecular Forces



Unit 5 - The Mole

Calculating Molecular & Empirical Formulas

Calculating Empirical Formulas From Percent Composition

Molar Mass

Mole-Particle Conversions

Molecular & Empirical Formulas

Percent Composition

The Mole


Unit 6 - Chemical Reactions

Basics of Chemical Reactions

Basics of REDOX Reactions


Combustion Reactions

Conservation of Mass

Double Replacement Reactions


How to Balance Chemical Reactions

Reactivity & Single Replacement Reactions

REDOX Reactions

Synthesis & Decomposition Reactions

Types of Chemical Reactions


Unit 7 - Stoichiometry

Limiting & Excess Reactants

Mass to Mass Stoichiometry

Mole-Gram Conversions

Mole Ratio

Theoretical & Percent Yield


Unit 8 - Gas Laws

Behavior of Gases

Gas Law Rap

KMT Animation

Ideal Gas Law

Ideal Gas Law Calculations

Partial Pressure & Vapor Pressure


Unit 9 - Solutions

Colligative Properties

Colligative Property Calculations: Freezing Point Depression and Boiling Point Elevation



Precipitation Reactions

Solutions & Factors Affecting Solubility

Solubility Curves


Unit 10 - Acids & Bases

Acid and Bases Properties and Reactions in Water


Definitions of Acids and Bases

Naming Acids

pH and pOH


Unit 11 - Thermochemistry


Energy in Chemistry



Unit 12 - Nuclear Chemistry

Alpha, Beta, Gamma (song) by Dave Mackey

Fission & Fusion Reactions

Fission & Fusion Simulation

Nuclear Reaction Conservation of Mass

Radioactive Decay

Type of Radioactive Particles Demonstration


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